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Bishop Kirby de Lanerolle appointed Gen-Sec of IIADS

May 05, 2024 | Latest News.

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka – The International Independent Apostolic Diocesan Synod (IIADS), under the governance of the Indian National Apostolic Diocese (INA), announced the promotion of Bishop Kirby de Lanerolle to the position of General Secretary. This new role entrusts him with the spiritual oversight of over 11,000 churches spread across South Asia, the Middle East, and the United States.

Bishop Kirby de Lanerolle appointed Gen-Sec of IIADS

Bishop Kirby, alongside his wife Fiona, has been a pivotal figure in the religious landscape of Sri Lanka since 2007. The couple founded the WOWlife Church in Colombo after years of theological study and service in both business and public sectors in Sri Lanka.

Under the mentorship of Rev Dr Neil Obeyesekere, a pioneer in the charismatic church movement in Dubai and a bishop of the INA to Dubai, Bishop Kirby developed a ministry that integrates with local cultures, focusing on practical solutions to societal issues.
The INA Diocese, led by Bishop Dr Paul T Maran, has historically supported the legitimisation and operation of free and independent churches within a legal framework that affords them the same rights as mainstream religious institutions. Bishop Maran personally ordained Kirby, acknowledging his contributions with a doctorate of divinity. The event was witnessed by a host of national leaders.

Bishop Kirby’s previous roles have seen achievements, including the legalization of 670 free churches in Sri Lanka, earning him a commendation as the inaugural Coordinator for all free churches in the country in 2019.

The INA Diocese expressed confidence that Bishop Kirby’s vision and leadership will continue to inspire and guide the global mission of the church in his new capacity as General Secretary.

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