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DailyFT | Sri Lanka’s Kirby de Lanerolle to lead 11,500 global free churches

Jun 27, 2024

The Apostolic Diocese of Ceylon (ADC), in partnership with the Indian National Apostolic Diocese (INA), has announced a significant expansion of its mission globally.

With the new appointment of Bishop Kirby Sinclair de Lanerolle as the General Secretary of the International Independent Apostolic Diocesan Synod (IIADS), with a mandate beyond the 670 churches in Sri Lanka to 11,000 churches in India, the Middle East and the USA.

DailyFT  | Sri Lanka’s Kirby de Lanerolle to lead 11,500 global free churches

His leadership is characterised by an unwavering commitment to reconciliation and nation-building, supported by inter-religious dialogue that fosters religious harmony and justice. He advocates against the suppression and oppression of minorities. Previously guided by the late Rev. Dr. Neil Obeyesekere, they now consider Dave Hodgson of Kingdom Initiatives Ministries as their spiritual father and mentor. Bishop Kirby de Lanerolle is under the apostolic covering of Bishop Paul T. Maran, who pioneered an episcopal governance model for non-denominational free churches, integrating local cultural practices and addressing societal issues with practical solutions. This model promotes an inclusive environment that prioritises reconciliation, justice, and a “Solution-Based Gospel” over a conversion-based approach.

Reflecting on his expanded responsibilities, Bishop Kirby de Lanerolle stated: “One of the primary insights from Jesus’ ministry was its focus not on conversion but on providing solutions. He fed the hungry and healed the sick. Christians should aim to be a solution in their area—be it a village, city, or nation. As the leader of the ADC with 670 free churches, my aim is to teach our Christian pastors to thrive within the privileges of a minority, honouring all religions by serving them unconditionally and without discrimination.”

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